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Beer pong and backless chaps are the draw at Hiccups 1

Fifteen years after I graduated from college, I finally discovered beer pong when I stopped in at Hiccups I (7980 Sheridan Boulevard in Westminster) on a recent Monday. The joint was jumping at 11:15 p.m., with a DJ spinning Bell Biv Devoe's "Do Me!" At one end of the club, the beer-pongers were gathered for a $5 buy-in, winner-takes tournament; at the other end, a group of girls had set up a few tables for flipping cups, another game I'd somehow managed to miss in college. (Quarters was pretty much the extent of my drinking games.) Soon a few guys joined in, and they were all chugging beers and laughing. Save for a few bikers and regulars, the scene looked like the frat party I never went to — except that a lot of the crowd was at least a decade past college age.

Around 11:30, the DJ announced that it was $3 you-call-its for the next fifteen minutes and then played LMFAO's party anthem, "Shots." I used the window to order a shot from Susie the bartender, who was wearing ass-less chaps with the back of her pink-and-purple-striped panties showing. That's part of the Hiccups shtick; at one point, there were three Hiccups locations where the waitresses all did the chaps-and-panties bit. While that wasn't enough to keep the other addresses open, it sure seems to work at the original one.

The former Hiccups III, at 1451 Cortez Street, recently turned into Buckin' Harley's, a country bar that celebrated its grand opening on November 14. Hiccups II, at 10250 Ura Lane in Thornton, will be closed for the next few months while the bar gets a remodel and a new roof. In the meantime, Hiccups I is going strong, with beer pong tourneys Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays, karaoke on Tuesdays, and live music on the weekends.

Club scout: There's more club news up north, where Chasers recently opened in the former Golden Cue spot, at 11964 Washington Street in Northglenn. The new owners have put in a stage, lights and sound system; for now, the club is bringing in cover bands on the weekends, but it might start recruiting original acts. In downtown, the former Alibi Dance Lounge, which opened in June 2008 at 1523 Market Street in what had been Crave, has been transformed again: It's now Oasis Grill & Bar, a Mediterranean restaurant, lounge and dance club. And Jet South, which had just opened in July in the former Purple Martini DTC spot at 8000 East Belleview Avenue in Greenwood Village, has already closed.

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