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Behold a new Slaytantic ritual for ladies, Everything Absent minstrel present and accounted for and more on Denver Music blogs

File under: Required reading from the Denver music blogosphere.

The hifalutin scribblers at the Donnybrook Writing Academy introduced a brand new column today that we can only assume will also become required reading: Backlog is the handle Rbt. B. Rutherford, he of Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story) fame, has chosen to hang on his weekly ramblings.

He concludes the first graph of his introductory column with this uplifting notion: "You are hurtling towards death. We are all hurtling towards death," as a way of laying out what's in store, namely him pointing us in the direction of things, ideas and music that are worthy of absorption, consumption and reflection by us before we go gently into that good night. The first one includes a nifty embedded playlist handpicked by Mr. Rutherford.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, Bree Davies authored a piece over at the A.V. Club last week in honor of Valentine's Day that is so awesomely fantastic that we read it twice. The thesis of the article -- which is so obvious yet so inspired that we can't believe somebody didn't think of it sooner -- is summed up so succinctly and eloquently in the headline that it really requires no further explaination: "This is not a Slayer T-Shirt, it's a dude magnet." Consider this required reading.

The great thinkers over at Denver Syntax, meanwhile, directed our attention to Sophie Blackall's exquisite illustrations inspired by the infamous Missed Connections posts on Craigslist. And finally, in its ongoing numerology series in which they seek out a definitive song for every numeral from one to a hundred, the fine folks at Merry Swankster create a soundtrack based on the naughty number 69.

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