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Behold Juggalo Chubby Bunny, a rare and revealing ICPeek into the heart of a Juggalo

Trolling the web, we recently came across a series of videos featuring a juggalo named MrTmzfan. We can't quite place the face, but it looks slightly familiar, like another mister so and so we know. Maybe it's just the face paint. Anyhow, judging from the comments made by said juggalo in another clip titled "Juggalo Not Full of Hate" about being asked to remove his ICP hoodie at the "Northwest mall," we're pretty sure we're dealing with a local here. The story sounds familiar anyway.

While most of the rants are short and rather odd, MrTmzfan's longest and most watched video is "Juggalo Chubby Bunny," an absolutely ridiculous and somewhat disgusting video of, well, a juggalo playing chubby bunny, the game in which you stuff as many marshmallows into your mouth as you can while still being able to utter the phrase, "chubby bunny." Watch for yourself, if you can.

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Thorin Klosowski
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