Ben Makinen

Ben Makinen, who's been a professional drummer for close to three decades, says the inspiration for his solo electronic album came from a dream he had in which he was visited by an ancient butterfly that told him a story of love between a gruff Goliath beetle and a beautiful ladybug. In the dream, their families rejected them, so the beetle and the ladybug looked for refuge and acceptance in a distant land. Makinen, who plays all of the instruments here, has translated that dream into an intriguing eleven-track album that delves into ambient and techno while occasionally tossing in Middle Eastern or Latin flavors on cuts like "Beetle and Bug and Cupid's Arrow" and "La Femme Nikita." Since Makinen is a drummer, it's no surprise that a lot of cuts are built around interesting electronic percussion and beats, including the deep groove on "The Goliath Confession."

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