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Reader: The Real Beta Ended Years Ago

Beta will be open tonight.
Beta will be open tonight. Evan Semon
The City of Denver's eighteen-hour show-cause hearing for Beta Events Center had everything: suggestions of drug dealing, Von Miller partying and even Mafia connections for club owner Valentes Corleons. The Denver Department of Excise and Licenses had issued the show-cause order in August, charging that Beta should lose its liquor and cabaret licenses because of numerous violations. On November 17 and 18, a long list of police officers and other witnesses testified to the violations they'd seen at Beta, while employees and others responded.

With the marathon hearing now over, Federico Alvarez, a former Denver District Court judge who presided over the proceedings, will issue a recommended decision, likely within a few weeks. After that, Ashley Kilroy, executive director of Excise and Licenses, will have the final say on what happens to Beta's liquor license. But in the meantime, readers have plenty to say in their comments on the Westword Facebook post of the Beta hearing story. Says Kevin:
Fights and cocaine at a popular club?! The hell you say.
Adds Greg: 
Based on these claims, maybe they should shut Red Rocks down as well? Drug-dealing, underaged drinking, gang bangers….seems about the same. Or stop being a bunch of Karens.
Responds Kyle:
I live in the neighborhood and this place is a menace. I love the energy of the bars along Blake, Market and Larimer, but this place stands out as a magnet for violence and bullshit.
Suggests Tara:
The city needs to stop using public nuisance as a weapon and punishment. It’s meant to solve an issue, and the city utilizes it as a weapon when they have no criminal charges. It’s an inappropriate application and robs individuals of any due process.
Counters Jared: 
They get a hearing. That is due process.
Offers Nathen:
Municipal equivalent of "he's annoying me!"
Replies Joel:
When the defense's best argument is “none of these offenses are that big of a deal,” you know they have a strong case.
Asks Jenna:
If you haven’t made bad decisions at Beta, did you even grow up in CO?
Concludes Jason:
The real Beta ended years ago. Time to go.
Pending the city's decision, Beta is still open. What do you think about the club? The Denver hearing? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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