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Beyoncé's baby bump steals the show at MTV's VMAs, and a breakdown of this week's charts

Besides Chris Brown's mad hops and lip-synching skills and Tyler, the Creator of Odd Future giving props to Earl Sweatshirt in his best new artist speech, MTV's Video Music Awards show last night was one for the ladies. Even when Lil Wayne closed the show, shirtless and all, he was doing it for the ladies. But no woman was held in higher esteem during last night's show than Beyoncé. And baby. It didn't even matter that Lady Gaga dressed like Jo Calderone, her male alter ego, spoke about herself in third person (and in character) and performed "Yoü And I" with Brian May of Queen. Doesn't even compare.

Everyone in audience was positively thrilled for Bey and Hova -- including Kanye, no surprise there -- but not as much as the mother-to-be herself. She was positively glowing during her performance of the best song from her album 4, "Love on Top" -- it was part Dreamgirls, part Ronettes, all hair and fierceness.

You gotta hand it to Beyoncé: Even when she's pregnant, she knows how to put on a great show. And whip her hair back and forth. And sing a tune. She nails those key changes near the end of the performance, and by the last 45 seconds or so, she's flipping her tresses all over the place while she reeeeeaaaally belts it out. I wouldn't be surprised if we see "Love on Top" chart on the Billboard Hot 100 come this Friday, based off the push from this performance alone. If Bey and Hova's performances last night are anything to go by, this new kid will have a lot to live up to.

Movers and shakers: Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" is number one for a second week on the Hot 100. Lil Wayne and Drake shoot to the top three with "She Will," and Foster The People slides up one, to number seven, with "Pumped Up Kicks." Meanwhile, "Super Bass" slips from four to five, and Pitbull's "Give Me Everything" falls from the top ten, to number eleven, for the first time since breaking at the start of summer. Elsewhere on the chart, Gaga's "Yoü And I" shoots up from 96 to 35 as this week's strongest digital sales gainer, probably thanks to the song's new video.

Over on the albums chart, Jay-Z and Kanye West hold steady at number one with Watch The Throne. Adele climbs from four to two with the album of the year so far, 21. And Perry's Teenage Dream celebrates a whole 52 weeks on the Billboard 200 chart this week at number fifteen, back up from 23.

Across the pond: On the Official Charts for the UK, Calvin Harris notches a number-two debut with "Feel So Close," while "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera notches another week at number three (and number four on the Billboard Hot 100 -- again, thanks to a video).

Most interestingly, though, is Adele's achievement: two albums (that's her entire musical output, folks) in the top five. Specifically, 21 sits at number three, while 19 resides at number five.

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