Björk's Biophilia tops out music apps this week

Music apps for smartphones are getting more complex, as evidenced by the release of the full version of Björk's Biophilia, which is beyond impressive. Other new offerings in this week's round-up include an app that turns your music into a planetary expedition, an idiotic but entertaining Jell-O wobbler and more. 5. Jell-O Jiggle It (iOS) Jell-O Jiggle It is an exceptionally stupid little app that takes any track from your iTunes library and makes a cube of Jell-O wobble in step with it. We generally try to steer clear of anything sponsored by a food company, but this little app is so curious and bizarre we can't help but enjoy it. There's just something stirring about seeing a glob of Jell-O dance around to "Sweet Leaf." 4. DimSong (iOS) DimSong is a free app that creates new songs based on what you're doing. So, if you're moving around a lot, it will add new elements into a song, whereas if you're still, it slows down and has less instruments going on at once. Even exposing it to light will make it change the way the song is playing, making it an excellent little soundtrack to your daily life. 3. Isle of Tune (iOS) Isle of Tune is kind of hard to describe -- it's essentially a city-building game that allows you to create songs by laying down the infrastructure of a small town. Each tree, road, turn or house makes a different sound effect and you can create some pretty marvelous little tunes by playing around with it for just a few hours. There's a free web version as well, so if you're a bit confused as how it works, check out this version of the Pixies' "Gigantic." 2. Planetary (iOS) Planetary is an interesting beast: It turns your music collection into a universe, with playlists operating as smaller galaxies. It doesn't really do anything else, but it's so cool to look at your music collection as a tiny little universe, we don't really care. It's not much more than an interactive toy to show off your cool new iPad, but considering it's free, the price is agreeable. 1. Bjork's Biophilia (iOS) Biophilia is a pack of ten songs inside of ten apps. Each of them varies by song: Some are interactive games you can play, while others are little toys. The interesting thing about each of them is how different they all are and how they tie in with the original song in some way, offering another point of entry into her music. Even if you're not a fan of Björk, this massive undertaking has been one of the coolest things we've seen anyone do with music and an app. Now that we have a chance to see the whole thing at once, it's still blowing our minds.

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