Blake Street Tavern to move into former Club 303 space

Since the '80s, the space at 2301 Blake Street has seen quite a few club incarnations. As 23 Parish and The Garage, bands like Nirvana, Sonic Youth and Jane's Addiction played there. Since then, it's been Gate 12, Polly Esther's and, most recently, Club 303, which was open from January to October of last year.

After seven years at space at 2401 Blake Street, The Blake Street Tavern is moving a block south into the former Club 303 space. Chris Fuselier, the tavern's owner, is hoping to have everything in place by mid-May. He says he plans on replicating what they have the current space, including keeping the coziness.

Fuselier says the big priority is installing a kitchen, which will serve the same menu. He also plans on setting up a new version of their Tailgate Room in the north room, which was Club 303's VIP area and the Garage, and would like to bring in live music Thursdays through Saturdays.

As far as the 7,000-square-foot dance club downstairs goes, Fuselier says he's not completely sure what he's going to do, but he's thinking about doing an '80s night on Fridays and Saturdays, similar to what Polly Esther's did, and also using the space for special events. While the 11,000 square-foot main floor should be open, Fuselier says the downstairs probably won't be open until September.

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