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Bob Log III

A former member of the Delta deconstructionist duo Doo Rag, Log has chosen a literal interpretation of the term "stripped-down blues" on his second solo release: He credits Trike's rhythm section to two "professional women," by which he does not mean musicians. Instead, Log paid a pair of female pros to smack their breasts together in rhythm to supply the percussive element on songs like "Clap Your Tits" and "Booby Trap." Sensing that he'd hit upon a good thing, the album also features six twenty-second "clapping" interludes, which provide interesting counterpoints to Log's feverish slide guitar. Appropriately, he has termed this new style of blues "guitar-and-tit duets." Odd as it may sound, Log's rhythm section is skilled enough that the percussion doesn't stand out or interfere with the aggressively raw, ragged electric blues of Trike. In fact, it is possible (it took three tries, for me) to put it out of mind while listening to the album. Duplicating that feat in concert (Log performs Thursday, February 10, at the Bluebird Theater), however, should be a good deal more difficult.
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