Readers: Should Bon Iver Have Played 1STBANK Center?

Bon Iver plays 1STBANK Center.
Bon Iver plays 1STBANK Center. Chris Walker
Last week, Bon Iver played Colorado's 1STBANK Center, and Westword reporter Chris Walker disliked how what should have been an intimate performance was swallowed up by the arena. In turn, readers weighed in, some defending 1STBANK Center as the right venue for the concert and others saying they "hate that place."

Here's what Isabel had to say:

1stBank isn't the ideal venue for any concert. The way the seats circle around the stage in the oval makes for a horrible, neck-craning concert experience for anyone with seats on the sides. It makes no sense for concerts and really sucks for people with those seats. Artists should do themselves a favor and not ever play there if it can be avoided. Attendees should know to buy GA tickets if you don't want neck problems the next day, but that is only possible for people willing to stand, which then excludes anyone whose older, a kid or needs accommodation or assistance to be able to stand that long or see the stage at all. Then you're best best is to buy the super expensive seats nearest the side of the stage, box seats, or sit at the very back of the arena. Jeez. I just hate that place.
Jeremy blasted Walker's criticism of the concert and venue, writing:

I bet you drove home in your prius while sniffing your farts. Lots of chill bands played 1st bank center. Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, that flood benefit that the fray were at, and plenty I didn't see. If the music doesn't play well live, stay home and listen to your headphones.

Taylor suggested that even though it might have been a bad venue for Bon Iver, Pepsi Center would have been worse.

Raise your hand if you thought it sucked and would rather have seen them in the tin can shit box that was never set up for concerts: The Pepsi Center. Are you out of your minds?! Who's got a better suggestion if it had to be indoors and hold more than 3.5k people? Please I'm all ears
What do you think?
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