Bonnie & the Beard's dream catcher offers a convincing argument to attend their release party

You know what's awesome about dream catchers? They catch your dreams and turn them into reality. Well, that's how we've always understood it -- though we've never actually researched it. Anyway, this flier for the Bonnie & the Beard release party might just be a dream come true, as releasing records is always something of a mystical adventure.

At first glance, there isn't anything absolutely striking about Alexander Diner's design here, but there is still something to be said for the old-school nature of it. This looks like a band poster, through and through. It's not breaking any molds and blowing any minds, but it is offering stark, contrasting colors that immediately catch the eye, and it delivers the necessary information quickly and without trouble.

It's fitting for the bands on hand -- the whiskey soaked swagger of Bonnie & the Beard nearly demands a somewhat ironic, patriotic-colored Native American theme. The scratched up and faded colors work, too, as they manage to convey the sort of poor man's Americana the band delivers.

While we'll always have respect for people attempting to explode our minds with fancy-pants typography and layout, sometimes a straightforward, classic rock poster delivers the same amount of oomph.

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