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Hear It: "Liza" Is a New Country Burner From Bonnie and Taylor Sims

Hear It:  "Liza" Is a New Country Burner From Bonnie and Taylor Sims
Bonnie & the Clydes
Denver husband-and-wife duo Bonnie and Taylor Sims, of Bonnie & the Clydes, just released a new song, "Liza," about a woman struggling for joy against the pain of the past.

Bonnie takes the lead vocals and plays mandolin, while Taylor provides harmony and picks the guitar. It's a gorgeous ballad with a full-throated chorus and aching harmonies revealing all the emotional drama that the best country music promises.

Unlike many country singers, who tell concrete stories without much room for interpretation, Taylor writes lyrics open to various takes.

"Liza could be anything or anyone you think of when you hear the song, but to me she is a voice of courage against the struggle and pain of the past," Taylor says. "She leans into the unknown because it must be better than what she has known."

Taylor wrote the song while holed up in a snowed-in cabin all by himself. He says he does his best songwriting when he's alone.

This is one of many singles that Bonnie & the Clydes plan to drop over the spring and summer, leading up to a full album scheduled to come out in the fall. The tour leading up to that album was just scrapped, but the band hopes to hit the road later in 2020.

"Our connection with our fans at live shows is our main creative focus," Bonnie says. "This break has given us a lot of time to write and look at long-term plans and goals. Hopefully we will be back in front of a live audience soon."

Keep up with Bonnie & the Clydes at the band's website.
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