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Boonie Mayfield on rebuilding his studio after being burglarized

Boonie Mayfield (aka Solomon Vaughn) is one of the hottest emerging hip-hop producers in the game. And that's not just us talking. While it's true: He is one of our favorite beat makers; it's not just us who are smitten Boonie's beats. For the past two years, Boon Doc has taken home honors in the Red Bull Big Tune regional battle. Last year, after winning in Denver, he headed to Atlanta, where he ended up being bested by Frank Dukes at the Big Tune finals. This November, he's heading to Chicago, along with runner-up Xperiment, to take another shot at the title. We caught up with Boon Doc recently and asked him all about rebuilding his studio, which was recently burglarized.

Westword (Dave Herrera): How are things going with you since your studio was burglarized? Are you keeping your head up?

Boonie Mayfield (aka Solomon Vaughn): I've been pretty good actually. I think I found out how much I've matured and how strong I truly can be from this, because if this would've happened say a few years ago....I wouldn't have been able to handle it emotionally and mentally. They say with great losses, come great blessings as long as you have faith, and I can say that it's definitely true. Going through this taught me some valuable things, and I've grown from it. Sometimes I'm still shocked that I'm saying this, lol.

WW: How's the rebuild going? Has the grassroots effort to help you raise funds been successful thus far?

BM: The rebuilding is going really well... slowly but surely. I just need to get a few more essential parts to be fully back up-and-running. And yes, the effort people have been making to help raise funds has definitely been a great help. THANK YOU ALL!!!!

WW: Did it raise your spirits to know that people had you in their thoughts and prayers, to the point where they mobilized on your behalf?

BM: More than anyone will ever know! It was so uplifting and humbling. Having everything snatched from me out of nowhere like that was extremely painful... but when I saw how much genuine support there was... it changed my way of thinking. Throughout this whole experience, there has not been one moment where I felt alone.

WW: How have you been making beats in the interim?

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BM: Well luckily enough, they didn't get ahold of my MPC and they didn't take my speakers. So after I got a computer and mixer again, I simply just borrowed some of my friend's pieces like the sound module and mbox to get some work done. Of course, reinstalling Reason wasn't an issue... so I've used that as well.

WW: What's the plan for you going forward?

BM: Right now, my primary focus is getting my business right and putting out product. I finally finished the new drumkit on my site, so I'm excited about that. But the biggest thing I'm excited about is my compilation album that I'm putting together. The title is still up in the air, but I'm still loving either "Doc U Meant It" or "Black Kool-Aid"... that may change, though.

Some of the features will include ME of course since I was an emcee first, Classic BLUE, Mr. J. Medeiros, Mystro, Wordsworth, Warren G., Naeem Oba, Whygee...(hopefully) Che Grand, Tanya Morgan and some others who I'm working with from other states and countries. It's gonna be a really dope album...promise!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.