Bop Skizzum settles on new lead singer to replace the departing Erin Jo Harris

For the past few months, Bop Skizzum has been quietly searching for a replacement for Erin Jo Harris, the band's vocalist, who is departing the group to pursue other projects. While we imagine the prospect had to have been a bit daunting given Harris's considerable voice and presence, the band has nonetheless been diligently seeking out new singers.

After trying out a parade of would-be successors, the outfit -- led by founder and former Flobots guitarist Andy "Rok" Guerrero and featuring Serafin Sanchez, Tohbias Juniel, Chris Harris, Joe Ferrone and John Lake -- narrowed it down to a few ladies and held a final live audition at the Soiled Dove a few weeks ago in front of friends and family and a select group of local music aficionados.

That must've done the trick, as the search has now apparently ended. Bop Skizzum has a new lead singer that it will present to the public for the first time within the next month or two, after Guerrero and company have had time to break her in and write some new material. Until then, the group is keeping her identity under wraps. Keep an eye on this space for word on who the new singer is and when she'll be making her debut.

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