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Boulder Acoustic Society, 18 Switchbacks, Heyday spun this week. See who else got spins.

Here's what the area's local-centric specialty radio shows were spinning this week. We're currently tracking the playlists from a number of different shows, including KTCL's Locals Only, 99.5 the Mountain's Homegrown Show*, KBCO's Local Edition, KCSU, The Colorado Sound, which originates at KRFC and is re-broadcast all over Colorado, and The Colorado Wave, which is syndicated on a number of stations across the country. See the full playlists posted after the jump.

* Playlist not currently available


Vices I Admire - "Kiss Kiss" Action Packed Thrill Ride - "Best I've Felt" Boulder Acoustic Society - "Shelter" Aloft in the Sundry - "Little Miss Opporunity" Synthetic Elements - "How Far" Astrophagus - "Innocuous Dance Track" TaunTaun - "Murder-Auder Rides" The Pirate Signal - "Blackhearts" I Sank Molly Brown - "Stay Away From Oprah" Ash Ganley - "Missing From My Heart" Saving Verona - "Code Bird" Brave the Breakdown - "God Was Wrong"


18 Switchbacks - "I Once Was" 18 Switchbacks - "Southern Wind" (KBCO Studio C session recorded Live) Zach Heckendorff - "Pompeii" Tequila Mockingbird - "Actual Size"


DeVotchKa - "We're Leaving" Julie Geller - "Here We Go Again" Musketeer Gripweed - "River Callin'" White Water Ramble - "All Night Drive" J. Shogren - "Salvation" The Heyday - "Had a Feeling" Love 45 - "Release Me" The Foot. - "High Design" Snake Rattle Rattle Snake - "Kafka and the Milk" Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story) - "Houses" The Raven and the Writing Desk - "Marionette" Apples in Stereo - "Ruby" Brad Goode - "Tight Like This" Rebecca Folsom - "Smoke and Tears" The Richie Furay Band - "Real Love (Bonus Studio Track)" Fierce Bad Rabbit - "Love Doesn't Run" Boulder Acoustic Society - "Champion of Disaster" Sweet Water Well - "Zoeology" Crowboy - "Babylon" Sweet Sunny South - "You Never Even Knew My Name" Halden Wofford and the Hi-Beams - "Pill Poppin' Country Weirdo" Michael Adam - "NYC" Baily Stauffer and the Katy Janes - "Two Weeks From Yesterday" Chris Thompson - "Traffic" Lindsey O'Brien Band - "Broke My Heart" The Lynn Baker Quartet - "Happy New Year"


Clobber Jaw - "The Wrath of Her Spell" Michaela Rae - "Big Easy Blues" Lauren Brombert - "The Swing" Mick Jagger - "Checkin' Up on My Baby" The Big Motif - "The Daily Motion" David Michael - "Love Dream" Wil Key - "Satisfy My Soul" Elmor - "Remember Thinking" Sirena - "Love Cocoon" New Vinyl - "Call for Rebellion" Rebecca Folsom - "Will of a Woman" Push Puppets - "A Motor With a Mind in Tow"


Danielle Ate the Sandwich - One Bedroom Apartment Candy Claws - Hidden Lands Fierce Bad Rabbit - Spools of Thread Otem Rellik - Elephant Graveyard Grandparents - Dig Everything Jonathan Stark - Comfort EP Thrifty Astronaut - Caffiene Heartache Brett Brady - After All China Venture - Blows the Fuck Up Feverbird - Feverbird

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