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Brace yourself for Yonnas Abraham's Sextape and the reinvention of The Pirate Signal

Yonnas Abraham of The Pirate Signal has been busy revamping the look and feel of his group, adding a new DJ and guitarist, along with a ton of new material. A new album titled, You're Always Leaving Me, is in the works and due out sometime after the first of the year. In keeping with a new look, Abraham is also shortening his moniker to simply, "Yo," adding that punctuation will symbolically foreshadow each song's subject matter. "If it's a hype song, it'll be punctuated by an exclamation mark for excitement," he explains. "If it's a melancholy track, 'Yo' will end in a period, and so on and so forth."

As Abraham devotes his time to The Pirate Signal's impending reboot, he's also working on songs for his solo debut, The Sex Tape, a mix tape also slated to drop sometime during the first quarter. In theory the Sex Tape is a work of total fiction, but the research Abraham has done in order to pull off the concept believably is both extensive and in depth.

"I've been watching tons of porn, like, mind blowing porn," he confides. "Not even porn that turns me on, but there's so much porn out there. There's Manga porn, which is like these girls in anime suits who just go at it. In Lycra porn, people are covered from head to toe in lycra except their genitalia.

"And these wrestling matches!" he continues, marveling. "These girls wrestle each other with the point being to rip their clothes off. The winner gets to fuck the loser with this huge dildo. It's not rape -- and there is definitely rape porn out there -- but this isn't it. These girls just go crazy. I've never seen a man fuck a woman like that."

The research in question has also done a number on Abraham's imagination and proven perfect fodder for song material. In particular, he's written one track about the "sybian" sex machine. The twisted tale involves a man paralyzed from the waist down who then buys his wife the toy, and because she pleasures herself so frequently and so enthusiastically, the man goes ballistic, destroys the machine and subsequently, kills his wife.

There's a method to the madness, evidently, and it lies in the ability to be exposed to one's most animalistic nature and to feel and know the experience of sex from a more surface point of view. "If you see a titty, it's gonna affect you, no matter how smart you are," Abraham insists. "I want this to affect you on more than a cerebral level."

This is a very personal record, Abraham notes, and while he hesitated with the physical aspect of the concept ("I don't know how I feel about putting my dick on celluloid," he says), he hopes to show the contradiction in physical and emotional attachment to sex through the artwork and marketing. He warns that the cover art will not be safe for work, and the promo trailer will "most definitely involve amateur porn."

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