Brendon Small of Dethklok on Metalocalypse's unlikely Warlock Pinchers/Colorado connection

Dethklok may be a virtual band, but it has somehow put out the best-selling death metal record of all time. Everyone who's familiar with Dethklok knows that it's the live band cognate of the popular Adult Swim series Metalocalypse. In the show, the band is the world's seventh biggest economy. The characters are caricatures of melodic death metal musicians (think Dimmu Borgir without the make-up and even more ridiculous). The series was in part the brainchild of Brendon Small, who was responsible for the cult animated series Home Movies, and with Metalocalypse, he combined his irreverent and sometimes wicked sense of humor with his affection for metal in its most cartoonish and ridiculous glory.

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