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brikAbrak asked to join GirlGrabbers

At Casselman's Monday night, at a listening party for Gypdahip's latest mixtape, Magic, in a move that surprised everyone -- if for no other reason than no one saw it coming -- brikAbrak was asked to join GirlGrabbers, the production and beatmaking consortium of Gypdahip and Qknox.

For the producer community, this partnership is particularly significant because it bolsters the seemingly ever-present theme of collaboration and the subsequent efforts to increase creative equity in the scene.

"I'm excited to work with those guys and completely humbled," says brikAbrak of becoming the third member of GirlGrabbers. "The announcement came out of the blue for me, and I've never felt better. I was just showing up at Gyp's listening party, and Qknox told me there was an important announcement about to happen. I had no idea at all that they were going to ask me."

For Qknox, it's the natural progression of things to include his fellow crate-digger. "We're excited to have Denver's nicest hands on the platter and grabbing girls," he says. "He'll be on the next albums and digging with us, rocking the crowd. It feels natural."

For his part, brikAbrak will bring his expertise as DJ, arranger and vinyl master to the already cohesive structure and style that both Qknox and Gyp have honed together. As a trio, the crew has already worked on different projects throughout the summer that have resulted in camaraderie and a fast creative chemistry. Catch the newly expanded GirlGrabbers lineup tonight at the Rex Lounge (2936 Fox Street) with Tytanik, the MainCourse, 1984, DJ Ear Attent and Whygee.

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