Candy Claws interview on Pitchfork

Well how do you like that? As we post this, yet another Colorado-based act is getting prime exposure on Pitchfork. That's what we're talking about. Within the past month, no less than four local artists -- including Pictureplane, Woodsman, Tennis and Candy Claws -- have been prominently featured on the undeniably influential site.

Pitchfork just posted a Q&A with Candy Claws, in which Ryan Hover and company discuss their collective disillusionment of evangelical Christianity and its impact on their music, as well as the significance of Richard M. Ketchum's book The Secret Life of the Forest. Read the entire Tom Breihan interview and download a few MP3s from the band if you haven't already. (Word to Pitchfork: Don't sleep on Mile High hip-hop, metal and all the other goodness we have to offer here.)

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