Candy Claws look fierce, threaten buildings in Arvada

Arvada, beware! There's a big-ass, crocodilian kaiju coming for you. Your skyscrapers, supposing you have any, are in serious danger. And don't let your guard down just because it says those claws are candy.

Ahem. We were quite taken with this flier. We're not sure if the awesome illustration is original or appropriated from somewhere, but kudos to whoever applied it here -- it's fantastic. There's just no way a giant crocodile-dinosaur monster straight out of a Japanese monster movie wasn't going to capture our hearts.

The illustration is bolstered by some really wonderful design elements, too. The typeface choice and layout gives an excellent feeling of action and recalls old movie poster design, from the days when movie posters where actually nice to look at instead of just pimping the stars' faces. The limited color palette really makes the whole thing pop, and it's all laid out to maximize the impact. Honestly, there's nothing we don't like about this.

By the way, when did Arvada get so cool? Danielle Ate the Sandwich, Ian Cooke and Candy Claws on one bill? Way to shake off that suburban stigma, Arvadans! Also, to the rest of Denver's flier design community: There were a lot of fantastic fliers this week. You all are stepping up your game, and don't think we haven't noticed. [editor's note: Air Dubai's latest Banksy-owing handbill gets my vote.]

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.