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Care Bears on Fire And Other Assorted Goodies

Here’s a sample of the week’s best music blogging from around the Village Voice Media empire:

Okay, you can go to your gig, but be home by 9:30, it’s a school night: A fantastic piece on Care Bears on Fire, a pre-pubescent punk trio.

Satan, self-mutilation, porn stars, a mind-bogglingly self-important frontman and an interband feud that totally led to the group’s MySpace page being defaced. If a story this good falls into my lap, I hope I do it half as much justice as seen here.

He can’t drive 55, but he can still party like a fucking rock star at 60. The lowdown on Sammy Hagar’s birthday party.

The best fucking review of a rock video you’ll ever read. It’s so perfect, I didn’t even watch the video, for fear it would taint the review.

An unprepared and painfully boring interviewer bungles a Sigur Ros interview and Annie Zaleski takes him to task for it. With link to video of the trainwreck of an interview!

What’s PJ Harvey up to these days? Still kicking some serious ass, apparently.

Thurston Moore playing at the New York City Apple store and more CMJ coverage.

A cantankerous old bastard expounds on Evile, the next great thrash act.

A photo comparison that puts the Rush back in Russian history.

Any chance that new Fox show The Next Great American Band will be worth a shit? Hell, no! -- Cory Casciato

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