Casa Del Soul reunion party tomorrow night

On Saturday, December 27, you can catch up on Denver house-music history when the Denver House Authority brings back the entire Casa Del Soul group -- Sense, Foxx, Catt, Ty Tek, Little Mike and Wyatt Earp -- for a party at Below Bar (1422 Larimer Street). These guys promoted and played at some of Denver's best house-music events in the late '90s and early part of this decde, helping build the scene to the point where it is today. I saw these guys dozens of times, and they certainly helped to shape my musical tastes. "Elder DJs who taught us how to mix, influenced our tastes in music, taught us what to look for on the record shelves, taught us how to throw a proper event, and helped us to understand the politics of the industry," DHA's release says. "Simply put, these guys are the reason we do what we do and why we love what we do." I couldn't put it better myself.

It's a chance to relive the halcyon days of the Denver house scene, or experience it for the first time if you were still in short pants back in the day. The price of admission is just a $5 suggested donation, or kick down a few dollars more and get a free T-shirt or mixed CD. You can get more info at DHA's MySpace page or by calling 303-668-4064. -- Cory Casciato

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