Cassette scratching is weird ... and awesome

Never let it be said that a lack of funds, a lack of instruments or a callous disregard for what most people consider to be appealing sounds will stop someone from doing some insanely creative music. As a matter of fact, it's arguable that the best ideas happen when all those things combine in just the right measure, like this: That's Tapetronic, a French musician/circuit bender/weirdo who's apparently mastered the art of turning one man's trash (old, cheap-ass tape decks of various sorts) into his treasure -- unique, out-there, one-of-a-kind instruments. Throw in a couple of beat up old effects pedals and cheap beer and you have yourself a pretty kick-ass noise/dance thing going on -- someone needs to book this guy at Rhinoceropolis, stat! You can get more info and hear more samples on his website, his MySpace page or in a couple more videos embedded after the jump that sort of show what he is doing and how he does it. Pretty damn cool stuff.

[Via Synthgear]

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