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Cattle Decapitation

If you like your militantly vegetarian metal fast, loud and brutal — splattered with specks of blood, shards of entrails and other bodily fluids — you owe it to yourself to catch Cattle Decapitation when the band stampedes into town with Soulfly and Prong. Earlier this year, after more than a decade of relentless rocking, San Diego's legendary and often misunderstood crusaders for animal rights released its most manic and melodic album yet; The Harvest Floor deftly balances the group's trademark veggie violence with a musical and lyrical sophistication that builds on its past grindcore triumphs, like To Serve Man and Humanure. Travis Ryan's larynx-shredding vocals occasionally sound like your college roommate practicing his burps after a twelve-pack of Meister Bräu, but when combined with Josh Elmore's slaughterhouse shredding and David McGraw's killing-floor drums, they hit like a pissed-off, tofu-fueled boot to the head.

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Eryc Eyl
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