Cavem Moetavation talks about Saturday's Brown Suga Festival at the Crossroad's Theater

Cavem Moetavation is one of the hardest hustlers in the hip-hop scene. Not only is he more than proficient on the microphone, he has perfected the balance between art and activism. It's his mission to teach folks how to eat and engage the community, and this year's Brown Suga Festival will be doing just that. The idea originally began as his senior project in high school. The aim, says Cavem, was to "engage young gangstas on eating healthy."

"It was basically focused on holistic health and hip-hop," he goes on to explain. "It started in 2004. After we collaborated with Pan African Arts, things got really big. Our first guest was MC Lyte. We've had Dead Prez, Ba Sheba Earth and many many others. It started in front of the Starz Film Center, and we would have about 2500 people out when we first started."

Using hip-hop as the draw and the focus, the tag line "Going Green Living Bling" is more about understanding how to be healthy from the inside, and out. "We say going green because we're eating healthy," he points out, "and we're shining because the food we're eating is so good."

The Brown Suga Festival has been replicated in several cities, including San Francisco and Chicago, in collaboration with the Green Festival. This year, at Crossroads Theater in Five points, there will be workshops, films and tons of free vegan food. The entire event is free to the community, and serves as a kick off for a youth engagement project Cavem will be working on that will teach kids at select schools in Denver how to grow their own food for three years.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.