CDSea recycles discarded discs into beautiful art

Now, here's a cool idea. Take all those thousands and thousands of useless, forgotten and worthless, but oh-so-shiny CDs, and use them to make something beautiful. In this case, a giant piece of public art called "CDSea" in Kilmington, UK by artist Bruce Munro.

The piece was visualized as a "glittering inland sea" inspired by a boyhood experience of Munro's. As you can see above, he hit the mark pretty damn well. The piece is comprised of 600,000 unwanted CDs sent in from all over the UK and the world.

We'd hazard to guess it's one-third AOL sign up discs, one-third music that's since been outgrown (half of that being Limp Bizkit, most likely) and one-third "as seen on TV" compilations purchased while really, really drunk. In any case, it's a pretty sure bet that it's the best use most of these discs were ever put to.

[Via Yatzer]

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