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Channel 12's live session series, Sounds on 29th, to begin taping next week with local musicians

What does the BBC have in common with CPT12, our beloved public-television station? Well, not much, now that you mention it, except for some quality programming here and there -- and now, Nathaniel Rateliff. The celebrated, homegrown songwriter, who appeared on Later With Jools Holland earlier this year, is slated to be among the first guests on the station's new local-music series, called Sounds on 29th. The show is being produced by the makers of Brass Tree Sessions, the popular DIY webisodes, and Out of Order, the local-centric CPT12 series.

The first taping is slated to take place this Sunday, October 16, at CPT12's studios at 29th and Welton (thus the name), with Danielle Ate the Sandwich and Safe Boating Is No Accident, followed by another session with Rateliff and his band Fairchildren on Monday, October 17. Given the quality of the self-produced Brass Tree Sessions and the creativity we've seen thus far on Out of Order, there's ample reason to have high hopes for this new series. No word yet on when the show will premiere, but we'll keep you posted.

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