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Cherry Bomb Suicide

With her squelched sensuality, sandpaper howling and sweet whispers, April Parks wields a powerful and multi-faceted voice. Unfortunately, that voice is already taken. If a reality show is in the works for Rock Star: No Doubt, Parks is a shoe-in. Despite the uncomfortable shadow of Gwen Stefani, her rich warblings are enjoyable, especially when driven by the incendiary guitar work of David R, whose rounded metallic solos demonstrate his aptitude without demanding the spotlight. Elsewhere, Adam Mullins uses every inch of his drum kit in "Draw the Line," the slowest song to ever feature double kick. The mysteriously named "Hossman" appears only as wisps of bass at the mercy of the guitar and drums. Volatile's energetic tunes are well crafted and festooned with nondescript lyrics such as "Tearing me apart every single day/Don't say you'll walk away/My heart can't take it anyway." Other possible band names include Stefani Powers, Stefani Cymbalist and Little Doubt.
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Rick Skidmore