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Christ on Parade

Born Against, Millions of Dead Christians, Christ on a Crutch: Traditionally, hardcore punk bands haven't cut the Christian religion a hell of a lot of slack. San Francisco's Christ on Parade proudly considers itself part of that lineage, and for good reason. After forming in 1985, the group released its debut full-length, Sounds of Nature, a classic of scathing, anarchist-leaning punk that flew in the face of the genre's splintering and softening in the late '80s. After breaking up in 1989, the band's members went on to play in various other outfits — most notably guitarist Noah Landis, who is also the longtime keyboardist of avant-metal pioneers Neurosis — but Landis, singer Mike Scott (formerly of the equally Bible-trumping group Econochrist) and crew recently reunited for a string of shows across Europe and the U.S. And thank God for that.

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