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Christie Front Drive

In the hierarchy of fabled Denver bands, Christie Front Drive ranks near the top. During its brief tenure, the act delivered some of the most compelling and influential music to ever come out of this town. Helmed by singer-guitarist Eric Richter, Christie Front Drive anchored the nascent early-'90s emo scene — which included such kindred outfits as Braid, Mineral, Boy's Life, Giant's Chair, the Promise Ring and Texas Is the Reason — with a distinctively expressive brand of guitar-driven rock. But after releasing a slew of seven-inches on various labels, which were later compiled and released by Caulfield Records (which also issued what turned out to be the band's eponymous swan-song EP), the group disbanded in the mid-'90s. Now, more than a decade later, its members — Richter, bassist Kerry McDonald, guitarist Jason Begin and drummer Ron Marschall, who all went on to play in bands including Antarctica, the 101, the Mighty Rime, the Blue Ontario and Guppies Eat Their Young — have chosen DenverFest 3 as the setting for their hotly anticipated reunion. Stop by the Marquis Theater this Saturday, September 1, for the must-see bill of the year, which also includes a reunited Crestfallen, the Volts, and Planes Mistaken for Stars in what is reportedly one of its last shows ever.
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Dave Herrera
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