Churchill's "Change" video makes us want to skate dance by ourselves like nobody's watching

Update (12/18/11): Churchill named winner of KTCL 2011 Hometown for the Holidays promo. See pics from the show at Casselman's.

Have you seen the new Churchill video for "Change" yet? Directed by Tim Twinem of Velare Imaginarium (the same chap responsible for capturing the nuptials of Churchill's Tim Brun and his lovely wife, Amy -- in reverse), the clip stars a handsomely dressed gentleman in a Billy Jack fedora, a black leather trench coat, aviators and fingerless gloves named Dennis Warner Evenson. Did we mention that he's skate dancing? Apropos of nothing? In the park? By himself? Awesome!

As the clip opens, Evenson informs us that he went to grad school at Oxford and Harvard and spent some time at M.I.T., and that while he was in New York, he developed a fondness for skate dancing. He then, of course, proceeds to trip the light fantastic in his roller skates in the park for the rest of the video.

It's exactly as random as it sounds. Yet somehow, in concert with the music of Churchill, it also manages to be lovely and weirdly poetic. The most noteworthy part of the video, however, isn't the incongruous imagery; it's the music itself that stands out.

"Change," it turns out, is aptly titled. The track marks a shift from Churchill's previously more acoustically driven sound. While it's unclear if this indicates that the band is heading in a slightly new direction, on this track, at least, it sounds quite a bit more boisterous, arriving at something akin to Florence and the Machine. Check it out:

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