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Born in Southern Italy and raised in London, Ontario, DJ John Acquaviva is seen as a trailblazer not only by other DJs, but by software engineers, of all people. When Stanton Magnetics came up with the idea for Final Scratch, a cutting-edge digital interface that allows DJs to merge analog and digital sounds, the company tapped Acquaviva and longtime partner Richie Hawtin (aka Plastikman) to be the guinea pigs. After all, who better to take the software for a test drive than the duo responsible for the highly influential electronic imprints Plus 8 Records, Definitive and Probe? Not to mention that before Acquaviva joined forces with Hawtin, he'd already been manning the decks for nearly a decade. Today Acquaviva is primarily a house and techno enthusiast, but his musical knowledge and depth is unparalleled. Boasting a vinyl collection that would rival that of most record stores, he's as likely to throw down disco and funk cuts as house and techno. And while Acquaviva is now among the world's most esteemed DJs -- he currently holds residencies at Open House in Paris, SmartBar in Chicago, Umatic in Athens and Maximes/ Danzoo in Madrid -- on Saturday, May 15, he'll be at one of the country's most sacred temples, the Church. Remember: To live well, you need water.
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