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Club Scout

Bottoms Up Tavern hit rock bottom on Saturday, May 14, when management and staff mutinied and the club at 3124 South Parker Road in Aurora closed its doors. Owners Shelly and Mort Shulbert have the place up for sale, though it's possible that it may reopen on weekends for some live-music gigs. But they won't be booked by Kylee and Sean Dionisi, who'd been running the venue since February and had planned to buy it. Instead, they're focusing their attentions on their independent record label, Boobala Records, which had been using Bottoms Up as a home base; they now hope to find a warehouse that they can convert into rehearsal and office space, a studio, and possibly a live-music venue as well. After all, with the closing of Bottoms Up, there are a lot of rock, metal and punk acts without a place to play.

There's no live music at the Donkey Den, the new restaurant/bar/club at 1109 Lincoln Street that opened two weeks ago, but there are plenty of pretty people at play here. Before you visit, though, drill this bit of trivia into your mind: The ladies' room is just past the men's room. You need to commit this to memory, because even when you're sober, it's tough to figure out exactly who/what the Donkey Den means by the "Heads" and "Tails" signs on the restroom doors, and after a couple of frozen margs, it's impossible.

Go with the flow.

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Jen Padgett