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Come again? Climax Lounge (2217 Welton Street) has a new booking agent. Josiah Albertsen took over a few weeks ago and says his goal is to return the focus to local bands, by providing a venue for acts that aren't established enough to play larger clubs. And that's not all: He's hoping to improve the club's atmosphere -- starting with the relationship between staff and patrons -- to create a warm, comfortable environment where people will enjoy hanging out. And that's still not all: He's also working to mend the relationship between the venue and NIPP, which got a bit shaky after former booking agent Jason Cotter left and NIPP pulled several shows from Climax, moving them to the Bluebird.

Albertsen is very motivated to bring Climax back to its peak: He saw his first concert at the club at age fourteen and has a special fondness for the place.

One of Denver's biggest goth nights was left temporarily homeless several weeks ago after a fire at the Cherry Pit (60 South Broadway) caused extensive smoke damage to that club. While the Pit is being repaired, Disintegration has moved to the Snake Pit (608 East 13th Avenue). But it hopes to return soon to 60 South Broadway, where it has a long history and has survived several incarnations of the venue.

While Krash Club (1801 Wynkoop Street) was the first to offer this feature, now iPod-ers have another night when they can share their stuff. On June 29 at Herb's Hideout (2057 Larimer Street), patrons can sign up for fifteen- to thirty-minute sets and play whatever is in their iPod or, for more of a challenge, battle head-to-head with DJ K-Pod, the mastermind of the event. K-Pod and a few friends started playing selections from their iPods at Herb's back in March, but this is the first time the fun has been officially open to the public -- and their playlists. If all goes well, the night could become a monthly event.

Both Rise (1909 Blake Street) and La Boheme (1443 Stout Street ) celebrated their second birthdays this month. Two new clubs, both located above strip joints, are also making their debuts. Inferno opened above PT's Showclub at 1601 West Evans Avenue this past weekend; on June 17, Tabu, which bills itself as an "ultra dance lounge," takes over the old Alley Cat space above the Diamond Cabaret (1222 Glenarm Place). Finally, the Iron Feather Book & Zine Shop celebrates its new home at 4931 West 38th Avenue -- right next to Ziggie's -- on June 18, with DJs (including DJ Iron Feather, Hanna-Banana, John Jenkins and more) spinning through the day and the band Touching Morons taking the stage at 4 p.m.

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Jen Padgett