Club Nights

Club Scout

Book 'em: Hush (1403 Larimer Street) started hosting live music on June 26, when Buford T. Justice performed. Owner M.O. (don't blame us; that's what he wants to be called) plans to make such shows a regular occurrence, although there's no set night dedicated to live music right now. But next month, Aubrey Collins is set to play a VIP CD release party. This small venue (capacity 144) is non-smoking, due to its basement location, lack of ventilation system -- and M.O.'s personal disdain for cigarettes. But he thinks the smoke-free environment is part of Hush's charm, and live music could make the club just that much more charming. In the meantime, don't look for electronic, techno or house music over the sound system; instead, Hush focuses on more classic rock, funk, soul and hip-hop selections. Bands interested in playing here should contact M.O. at 720-233-6898.

Bill Terrell, leader of Rogue, had been handling the booking at Whiskey Bill's (7290 West Colfax Avenue in Lakewood) for about two years when he left last month. He's now at Bruno's Saloon (8501 East Colfax Avenue in Aurora), which he's outfitted with a new PA and a new stage. Business has increased significantly since the changes, he says, and now he's looking for original acts to book into Bruno's. Interested bands can contact him at 720-628-5794.

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Jen Padgett