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The Sundown Saloon, at 1136 Pearl Street in Boulder, is making a name for itself as the only rock bar in that town. Two Thursdays a month, Mendel Rabinovitch of Blee Music (the manager of Hot IQs and Rose Hill Drive) brings in what he calls "Colorado's finest rock bands, and some shitty ones, too." Shows are free, and the bar's owners are determined to keep them that way.

Rabinovitch has been booking bands at Sundown since November 2004, and says there's been a packed house for every show. "There aren't really any rock bars in Boulder," he points out. "The Fox and the Boulder Theater do rock shows, but that's not the same. We really want to work every angle of rock [and] do punk, metal, indie, hard rock, pop. These shows are a public service for the broke rock-and-rollers of Boulder." And for that service, Sundown, we salute you.

Sadly, another music venue in Aurora has bitten the dust. McDonough's Pub at 10395 East Iliff Avenue will no longer host open mike on Thursdays -- or live music at all, for that matter. According to the owners, music just wasn't enough of a draw for the bar; in its place, McDonough has put several new games and pool tables, and started poker tournaments in hopes of bringing in more money and customers. In what could be good -- or bad -- news, the karaoke will stay.

Get a cue: Shakespeare's is open for business. Signs on the side of the pool hall/saloon/general hangout spot at 2375 15th Street say both that the space is for lease, and that Shakespeare's is still open. True. Turns out that the building's owners are trying to sell it -- but Shakespeare's has known about the not-exactly-imminent sale for two years and plans to move to a new location in May 2006. Where that location will be has yet to be determined; the pool hall's managers are still searching for the ideal spot. In the meantime, though, they assure their faithful fans that the joint will remain open.

Finally, the Marquis Theatre shut its doors on July 1, less than three months after it opened in the former Brendan's space at 2009 Larimer Street. Club Scout will provide more details as they unfold, but in the meantime, all upcoming shows are cancelled.

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Jen Padgett