Codename: Carter cracks the code

I just received a new track from Steve Gray, formerly of Maraca Five-O and Blue-Blooded Girls. The project, which also includes Gray's Five-O/Blue-Blooded co-conspirator, Mike Behrenhausen, is called Codename: Carter. As far as I can tell, Codename: Carter picks up where Maraca Five-O left off, somewhere between surf rock and '60s spy movie soundtracks.

The song I'm listening to right now is called "Perfect Clarity, Perfect Cut." Gray's guitar is swathed in delay and reverb from a bygone era, Behrenhausen's drumming is restrained in service to Gray's memorable melodies, and an organ grounds the proceedings with its gentle hum.

There's no MySpace for the project yet, so you'll have to track down Gray and ask him directly, if you want to hear what the pair is up to. If you enjoyed Maraca Five-O and/or Blue-Blooded Girls, you're likely to dig this.

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