Cole Rudy hard at work on solo album

Cole Rudy is something of a guitar auteur. He's played jazz in big bands and ensembles, pretty indie pop with Lilly Scott's band Varlet, psychedelic prog with Wetlands and plenty of thrash metal, first with his former project Elucidarius, and now Barnacle, an effort that pits Rudy's shredding against that of Grant Israel from Wetlands. What most people don't know about Rudy, however, is that he's also a singer-songwriter. As such, he's in the process of recording his first solo album, which he plans to release sometime this fall.

"I've always written songs," he says, "but I've never really released anything; I've always just worked on other people's projects. So now I just feel like I need to get these songs out before they go the way of all the songs I've written and forgotten.

"My shit's going to be weird, man," he reveals. "One of the songs is just completely comical -- it's about Lilly's cat. It's called 'Luxury Cat.' Sound wise, meanwhile, "It's not going to have much percussion, mostly just guitars and midi," he explains. "I've been hooking up all my pedals and just trying to make weird noises happen. I want it to be really tripped out. I've also been thinking about interlacing the tracks with these midi compositions I've been writing since I was like eighteen, and just weird shit."

Sample said weird shit below, a track called "The Oak Tree."

Cole Rudy - "The oak tree" by westwordmusic

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.