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Commander Tom at the Church

If you want to relive the days when you wore oversized pants and candy necklaces, waved glow sticks in everyone's face and popped pills like tomorrow would never come, you could do a lot worse than heading down to the Church this Thursday, November 20, to catch Commander Tom. The Commander — or Tom Weyer, as his friends know him — has been making and spinning a variety of electronic music for twenty years, and chances are good you went crazy to the sounds of one of his hits, such as "Are Am Eye" or "Eye C Red" back in the day. He's worked in a variety of styles, from old-school trance to hard house to techno, but all of his output has a classic, slightly-cheesy-but-always-fun vibe to it. It might seem a bit simple, even trite, to modern ears, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun to dance to. And besides, what other excuse can you think of to wear those ridiculously big pants again?

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