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Concept Oner

Concept Oner has a rhyme style that's common among underground MCs, in which they try to squeeze too many syllables into a single bar. This usually results in the rapper falling off beat and then trying to punch in where he left off, hoping his flow is still intact. On To Die For, Concept suffers this fate on songs such as "Pirate Ship," "Pack Your Bags" and "Barely Just Begun." Fortunately, these missteps are kept to a minimum on the rest of the album. On "Live Fast, Die Beautiful," produced by D.B.D., and the Almada-produced "Time Machine" and "Right Now," Concept spits fire over some great guitar- and synth-driven bangers. Lyrically, Concept is solid as he voices both his light and dark life experiences. Even though his debut doesn't exactly live up to its name, it's certainly one worth checking out.
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