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Cosmic Rocker

Growing up in Switzerland, Cosmic Rocker, aka Sasha Crnobmja, never wanted to work; he just wanted to bang on the drum all day. Fortunately, Brainticket's percussion wizard, Cosimo Lampis, was on hand to teach him how. And with the assistance of his partner in crime, party planner Benno Hotz, Crnobmja has managed to go global with his skills. Uh, make that Go-Global, the name of the pair's migrating shindig that pits DJs against live musicians. Although the concept was a hit in their homeland, the duo hit a glass ceiling before long and decided to bring the idea across the pond. Rechristened Organic Grooves, the party has been one of New York's favorite underground happenings for nearly a decade. A rotating cast of horn players, keyboardists, percussionists, programmers and DJs contributes to Organic Grooves' synthesis of sound -- from flamenco to Afro-Cuban, deep house to acid jazz, neo-ambient to dub. And mere word of mouth has spurred Gotham residents to follow the Groove all over the city. Talk about your cosmic significance...
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