Keep Truckin': Wildermiss Plays Shows Outside Fans' Homes

A lack of venues isn't stopping the indie rockers in Wildermiss.
A lack of venues isn't stopping the indie rockers in Wildermiss. Scott McCormick
There's a sad scrawl on my calendar for May 15. I was going to see the indie-rock quartet Wildermiss live at the Gothic Theatre to celebrate the band's new single, "Supermagical."

The show was going to be a big deal. Instead, the world shut down and scuttled the band's least temporarily.

I never bothered crossing out the date after the show was canceled as COVID-19 ravaged the live-music industry. Apparently, Wildermiss didn't, either.

With no venues to play, the musicians figured out another way of getting their music to fans. From 1 to 7 p.m. on Friday, May 15, the band will put its entire stage set on the back of a trailer and travel to fans' homes to perform sets of up to three songs outside.

This is a refreshing...yet still safe...pause from all the streaming concerts. You can take a break from rocking out on your couch and instead rock out on the sidewalk.

The show is appropriately named Wildermiss Literally on Demand. The bandmates will be wearing masks and following social-distancing guidelines. Fans had the chance to sign up online to host the band, but sadly, all slots are booked.

If you wander around long enough, though, you might catch Wildermiss truckin' it around town. And the band promises to do another in-town tour again soon.

In the meantime, you can check out the band's new single at the Wildermiss website on May 15. 
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