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Bizarre Resurgence
Ladies and gentlemen, America -- yes, that America, "Horse With No Name" America -- now has a MySpace page.

Something should be done about this, and it should probably be violent.

This Song Will Change Your Life
Matisyahu's cover of "Message in a Bottle."

The Police are threatening to re-form just so they can trick Matisyahu into joining them on stage, at which point they will do something violent about this.

Cinematic Masterwork
The parody rap-video scenes in the 1993 Chris Rock-Charlie Murphy flick CB4, particularly the "Wacky Dee" sequence.

Fully 95 percent of your Netflix queue is worth preempting to revisit this.

PR One-Sheet Buzzword
"Late-arriving melodies"

About as desirable as "late-arriving dinner," "late-arriving prophylactics" or "late-arriving medical attention."

Unexpected Wanton PR Onslaught
After the holidays, finally sorted through all of December's mail. Received a package with nine copies of the new Primitive Radio Gods record.

Aw, man, musta gotten trashed and surfed again.

Unexpected Wanton PR Onslaught II
Oh, sweet, here are seven Sly & the Family Stone reissues in today's mail.

Totally makes up for the brutal Primitive Radio Gods episode.

Sporting Trifle
Rewatching condensed YouTube highlights of the Boise State-Oklahoma game and actually crying, it's so goddamn awesome.

Goofiest twenty-minute span in sports history.

Internet Insults
Being referred to as "that weenie" in jovial online discourse.


Nintendo Proficiency
Whipping everyone's ass at Wii Bowling.


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