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Cred Sheet is a periodic gauge of cultural stimuli for those unwilling or unable to think about such shit for a living. (Note: These people are often smarter and better compensated than those who are willing and able.) It seeks to be a reliable font of valuable info and ostensible humor. Clip it out and take it along to speed-dating engagements as a valuable icebreaker and greased pathway to "The Coitus."

Illegal Mixtapes
DJ Swindle and Frank Lyon's Almatic, an occasionally splendid commingling of Nas and Al Green.

Enjoy your moment in the sun now, boys, before the cops hunt you down like dogs, à la DJ Drama and Don Cannon.

Feckless Fecundity
Let's knock it off with all the fucking Boris side projects already.

Take some time off. No, really. We'll be fine.

Rampant Paranoia
Your creeping suspicion that all the people sending you the link to that Reh Dogg "Why Must I Cry" video because they figured you'd really like it are secretly insulting you.

Probably well-founded.

Rampant Paranoia, Part II
The disquieting social phenomenon wherein you think you see the Hold Steady's Craig Finn everywhere you go.

Like Being John Malkovich, with a louder soundtrack.

Idiot Box
People who seem genuinely shocked and offended that the I'm From Rolling Stone interns are doing interesting and fun and telegenic things as opposed to normal intern drudgery.

For painstakingly accurate reality programming, we kindly direct you to C-SPAN.

Idiot Box, the Sequel
The post--Super Bowl lack of televised sports that, while depressing, will ensure that you never hear John Mellencamp's "Our Country" again.

It's almost worth it.

Bizarre Alliances
Mike Watt's imminent guest appearance on the new Kelly Clarkson album.

He contributed a song titled "Political Song for Kelly Clarkson to Sing."

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