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David Bowie, with Nine Inch Nails and Prick, Monday, October 16, at McNichols Arena, has managed to hang on to plenty of credibility for a guy who's played as many roles in his lengthy career as Tommy Lee Jones and Michael Caine combined. While he's an inherently commercial artist unembarrassed by the prospect of earning a cushy living from his music, he's also made creativity and artistry important parts of his formula. His new album, Outside, is a collaboration with producer Brian Eno, with whom he made three of his worst-selling but most daring platters (Low, Heroes and Lodger), and it's a good move--a statement that the still fairly Thin White Duke would rather remain vital than remake "Let's Dance" one more time. Trent Reznor's support role on the bill adds another level of interest, but Bowie is still capable of an interesting show all by himself. And that's a good thing.

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