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Henry Rollins, Saturday, December 2, at the Ogden Theatre, takes pride in selling out, so long as he does it his way. Whereas most old-school punks eschew any public activity that might cast aspersions on their credibility, Rollins endorses computers, poses for fashion layouts and acts in films (he's just been signed to play opposite Al Pacino in an upcoming Hollywood feature). But rather than pissing away the money he makes from these endeavors on luxury automobiles and trophy wives, Rollins pours the cash into 213CD, a label he founded that specializes in spoken-word discs, free-jazz recordings and other, less categorizable projects. His street-poet/standup-comic performances--like this one--no doubt bring in less lucre than many of his other enterprises, but you can be assured of one thing: Any profits he makes from them will go to a good cause.

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