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The Big Tymers with the Cash Money Millionaires (Juvenile, Lil Wayne, Turk, B.G.), Thursday, July 13, at the Paramount Theatre, are the latest group to emerge from the Cash Money Records franchise in Louisiana -- an imprint that sold more than nine million records last year. Featuring in-house label producer Mannie Fresh, the Big crew raps about life in the Nolia and all things bling-bling: on its first full-length album, I Got That Work. Some might find the topics a bit tired, but its the beats that bump this party: Fresh has streamlined the bounce music with some raucous gangsta boogie. Expect some lively -- and borderline X-rated -- crowd participation at Thursdays show, which also features Mix Master Mike and local MCs Don Blas and Kingdom. The Cash Money crew members have come along a way from the Magnolia projects of New Orleans, where they once roamed the streets as residents. Today, theyre talking about buying them. Now that is hitting the big time.
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James Mayo