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Barnyard blues for ballin. Thats what you might call the one-man mutated backcountry stomp offered by Bob Log III, who performs Friday, September 1, at the Ogden Theatre with Maraca-5-0 and Frank Hauser Jr. Stuck somewhere between Captain Beefhearts codpiece and the front-porch funk of Mississippi Fred McDowell, the Tucson-based Log woos the ladies with such precious titles as I Want Your Shit on My Leg: and Big Ass Hard On.: On his most recent recording, Trike -- named after his beloved chopper tricycle -- Log introduced the guitar-and-tit duet with Clap your Tits,: in which he collaborated with the bodacious Sex Kittens and After Hours Angels, professional women who clapped their mammalian protuberances to the accompaniment of a slide guitar. Log is currently a member of the Fat Possum Records roster, a list that includes juke-joint bluesmen like R.L. Burnside and the late Junior Kimbrough. Although youll hear strains of these performers in his music, Log is not content to merely replicate relics of the past, opting instead for a more off-kilter, punk-influenced approach. Logs eclecticism seems all the more pronounced when combined with his unique stage presence: Wearing a motorcycle helmet equipped with a built-in microphone, he perches on a stool and taps his foot to the bass drum while howling out bizarre ruminations like a barker at a carnival specifically designed for blues freaks. Just dont forget to don your doo rag.
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James Mayo