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The Causey Way is not a cult. Or so says this five-piece (give or take) from Gainsville, Florida. You can decide for yourself on Tuesday, January 30, at the 15th Street Tavern, when the band hits Denver to spread its "good word," all in the name of converting wayward souls. Garbed in virtuous white, the band -- fronted by the messianic Causey himself -- simultaneously enlightens minds and pummels eardrums with pseudo-religious insanity, cooking up squealing diatribes on temptation that intertwine outer-orbit synth with soaring, distorted guitars. Envision Devo laying hands on Man or Astroman? at a SubGenius salvation circus, and you're halfway there. "Jesus Loves You," from the Way's 2001 platter, Causey vs. Everything (Alternative Tentacles), is a good indication of Causey's brand of faith: "Oh, Jesus loves you, but you're gonna burn!" A note of caution -- Causey, who caterwauls like a vassal for the 21st century with his Southern-tinged take on Jello Biafra, does not take kindly to comparisons to David Koresh.
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Eric Peterson