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Face to Face, with Snapcase, H2O and the Explosion, Friday, February 23, and Saturday, February 24, at the Ogden Theatre, scared more than a handful of fans away with its 1999 shot at epic rock, Ignorance is Bliss (Lady Luck/Vagrant), but the band is doing its best to bring punk fans back into the fold. The first step was to put a plethora of tracks on and let fans vote on the track listing for last year's Reactionary (Lady Luck/Vagrant), a choice that, unsurprisingly, returned the band to its roots as a straightforward So-Cal punk act. Face to Face is once again a populist three-chord punk-rock band, though that doesn't mean it's just running through the motions: Despite the irony of its title, Reactionary is full of all the sharp commentary and jagged guitars of the band's past. Best known as a ferocious live act, Face to Face still has the power and the chops to make up for occasional forays into the world of alternative rock.
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Matt Schild